My Wildest Fantasy 4 published


The look she gave me was identical to the ones Callie kept tossing my way—hot and hungry like she was ready to eat me alive.

Olivia is getting bolder by the day. She’s making it crystal clear that she wants to pick up where we left off twenty years ago. I still don’t trust this sudden one-eighty in her attitude after her long vendetta against me, and if she ever finds out what I’m doing to her sweet, innocent daughter I’ll be a dead man. A castrated dead man. Callie won’t let up, though.

“Danger just adds spice. Besides, I’m worth a little risk, right?”

To Hell with Olivia. No other woman has ever gotten under my skin the way that Callie does, never made me obsess like this. She’s all I want. All I can think about. I can’t get enough, even while her mother is trying to stake her own claim on me in front of her friends. But Callie is mine, now, and I intend to keep her. I just have to figure out a way to manage it without Olivia killing me. Or worse.


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