My Wildest Fantasy 6 now available


I couldn’t understand it. I’d gone to sleep in bed with Callie, and woken up with Sylvie. How could it have happened? Why had Callie gone away and left the door open for her best friend to slip in? Why had she called her father to throw me out of the house?

Maybe I was slow out of the gate, but I was finally figuring out that my innocent blonde angel wasn’t all sugar and spice, after all.

Now she’s throwing a going-away party at the beach house for her friends who are heading off to college. Olivia isn’t happy about that. She’s not happy with me, either. I keep saying ‘no,’ and that’s her least favorite word in the English language. I’ve put her off as long as I can, but after this weekend her patience is gone.

If you plan on sticking around here, you’d better think about my offer.

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Unfortunately it looks like the series is dead on Kobo and iTunes. Sorry about that, but feel free to complain to their customer service reps.

Look for part 7 in a couple of weeks, and I’ll have the series wrapped up in March.



My Wildest Fantasy – blocked as pseudo-incest

So I finally heard back from the support team at Kobo. The geniuses in their QA department have somehow concluded that the My Wildest Fantasy series is pseudo-incest. This despite the fact that Blake and Callie aren’t related in any way, shape, or form. Not by blood, not by marriage, not by adoption.

This is what you have to put up with as an erotica writer, folks. The next time you ask why we charge $2.99 for a short story, well, this is why. I’ve just lost all income for this series on one sales channel, and I’ll probably lose it on Apple as well. I’ve lost all momentum from the new releases, and from the purchases of this series which had become my best sellers.

Most distributors have always explicitly forbidden incest in their content policies. Personally, I don’t have anything against those stories, but if they don’t want to sell them, that’s their business. The ban against pseudo-incest was added later to prevent erotica authors from violating the spirit of the content policy by using step-relations or adoptions to skirt the legal definition of incest. Again, I don’t particularly like it, but I understand it and abide by it when it’s in place.

Apple and Kobo, however, have decided to take this to a whole new level of stupid. They are now defining stories as pseudo-incest just because they have an older man/younger woman relationship where the MCs have known each other at some time in the past. You like stories about your dad’s best friend or your best friend’s dad? Sorry. They’re BLOCKED. The male MC knew the female MC at some point when she was a child? BLOCKED. Really? Now we’re supposed to read their minds to understand what tortuous definition they’ve assigned to incest this week?

So where does this nonsense stop? Is the next step down the slippery slope going to be to get rid of all the brother’s best friend/best friend’s brother stories? OMG, that’s just exactly like stepbrother and stepsister stories, ya’ll!!!

And now you know why I’ve switched to writing romance under a new pen name and billionaire eroms as Kelli.  🙂

Winter’s Heat is now available

The first installment of The Winter BillionairesWinter’s Heat – is now available. Since I’m getting close to wrapping up the My Wildest Fantasy series I figured I’d start a new one, and I’d never done billionaires before (I think I’m the only one left who hasn’t) and it sounded fun, so here we go. It’ll be a fun little adventure for all of us. This will be another serialized story with eight installments and cliffhangers at the end of each. If it goes well, I’ve got a follow-on series that will be about the male MC’s younger brother, who is of course also a billionaire. Funny how that works.

First one’s free, kids! Except on Amazon, where it’s 99 cents until I can get them to price match.


How had her life gotten so complicated? As if grad school wasn’t hard enough, Celeste had caught her boyfriend cheating on her and kicked him out of their apartment. Now she’s on the hook for all the bills, and she needs a job that will pay her more than a teaching assistant’s meager salary. In desperation she finds herself at a party on the yacht of Andrew Winter, a playboy oil billionaire, hoping to land a job as his personal assistant. But the gorgeous stranger she ends up talking to isn’t Andrew Winter.

In the dim light she couldn’t make out the color of his eyes, but it really didn’t matter. They were riveted on her, and that was all she cared about at the moment.

What she can see is that he’s smoking hot, oozing testosterone, and interested in her. After the hit her ego has taken with her ex, the attention is nice. It isn’t going to get him anywhere, but that doesn’t mean she can’t have some fun with it. Who wouldn’t take advantage of a little moonlight on a yacht with good company? But no one had bothered to tell Stephen he couldn’t have a taste, and now his soft lips are setting her on fire.

Why couldn’t she enjoy it for just a little while? It wouldn’t hurt anything, would it?

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And here are the covers for the next three installments

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My Wildest Fantasy news on iTunes and Kobo

When I released My Wildest Fantasy 5 earlier this month, both Apple and Kobo declined to publish it. No reason was given other than the usual, generic “Content Violation.” I immediately queried both (using Draft 2 Digital to query Apple) to try to find out why. The D2D support rep agreed to pass on the request to Apple if I was sure I wanted to, but warned that it could get the rest of the books in the series yanked. I told her to go ahead, because if I couldn’t get book 5 published the series was effectively dead there anyway. Apple has lately started to block publication of dad’s best friend/best friend’s dad stories “because they’re pseudo-incest.” The pearl-clutchers at iTunes have apparently decided that any older man/younger woman relationship is now the equivalent of daddy-daughter sex. Doesn’t matter how sweet or cute the story is. Spring Break with My Dad’s Best Friend? Funny, sweet, and very vanilla. And blocked. Most likely that’s the culprit here as well.

So yesterday Kobo pulled the whole Wildest Fantasy series without warning. I still haven’t received any indication as to why book 5 or any of the others violate their content guidelines. I’ve sent a barrage of emails requesting more information, but I have no idea if they’ll bother replying or not because, well, it’s Kobo. This is quite disappointing, because the series had started doing quite well there. MWF #2 was my best seller this month, and the sell-through rate on the rest of the books was going up fast.

That’s where we are now. I doubt that I’ll be able to convince Apple to publish #5, which means the series is dead in the water there. It’s already completely gone on Kobo. If you’re a reader on either of those platforms, I’m sorry. You’ll have to get the remaining installments from Amazon, B&N, Google Play, or one of the other distributors. Frankly, it’s almost to the point where it’s hardly worth publishing to either iTunes or Kobo at all any longer.

My Wildest Fantasy 5 published


You’d be all over him if I left you alone, and I seriously doubt that Blake is enough of a saint to refuse temptation like that if it falls into his lap.

Olivia doesn’t realize that I’ve already given in to temptation. A lot. But she’s suspicious enough to want Callie out of the beach house while she’s away on a business trip. And with her trust fund on the line, Callie doesn’t have a lot of choice about it. It turns out you can do a lot of interesting things on a two hour car ride, though.

So you’re Olivia’s newest boy toy, eh?

Callie’s father doesn’t want me around his place any more than Olivia wanted Callie around the beach house. Insulting me isn’t the best way to get me to play nice, though. By the time he finished, I’d made up my mind to spend all weekend doing filthy things to his little girl in every single room of his house. Spending some time getting to know the real Callie is an unexpected bonus.

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Unfortunately, both Kobo and iTunes have refused to publish this one. Don’t ask me why. But if you buy your books from them, you’ll have to go somewhere else if you want this one.

Part 6 will be along in a couple of weeks.