My Wildest Fantasy news on iTunes and Kobo

When I released My Wildest Fantasy 5 earlier this month, both Apple and Kobo declined to publish it. No reason was given other than the usual, generic “Content Violation.” I immediately queried both (using Draft 2 Digital to query Apple) to try to find out why. The D2D support rep agreed to pass on the request to Apple if I was sure I wanted to, but warned that it could get the rest of the books in the series yanked. I told her to go ahead, because if I couldn’t get book 5 published the series was effectively dead there anyway. Apple has lately started to block publication of dad’s best friend/best friend’s dad stories “because they’re pseudo-incest.” The pearl-clutchers at iTunes have apparently decided that any older man/younger woman relationship is now the equivalent of daddy-daughter sex. Doesn’t matter how sweet or cute the story is. Spring Break with My Dad’s Best Friend? Funny, sweet, and very vanilla. And blocked. Most likely that’s the culprit here as well.

So yesterday Kobo pulled the whole Wildest Fantasy series without warning. I still haven’t received any indication as to why book 5 or any of the others violate their content guidelines. I’ve sent a barrage of emails requesting more information, but I have no idea if they’ll bother replying or not because, well, it’s Kobo. This is quite disappointing, because the series had started doing quite well there. MWF #2 was my best seller this month, and the sell-through rate on the rest of the books was going up fast.

That’s where we are now. I doubt that I’ll be able to convince Apple to publish #5, which means the series is dead in the water there. It’s already completely gone on Kobo. If you’re a reader on either of those platforms, I’m sorry. You’ll have to get the remaining installments from Amazon, B&N, Google Play, or one of the other distributors. Frankly, it’s almost to the point where it’s hardly worth publishing to either iTunes or Kobo at all any longer.


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