My Wildest Fantasy 6 now available


I couldn’t understand it. I’d gone to sleep in bed with Callie, and woken up with Sylvie. How could it have happened? Why had Callie gone away and left the door open for her best friend to slip in? Why had she called her father to throw me out of the house?

Maybe I was slow out of the gate, but I was finally figuring out that my innocent blonde angel wasn’t all sugar and spice, after all.

Now she’s throwing a going-away party at the beach house for her friends who are heading off to college. Olivia isn’t happy about that. She’s not happy with me, either. I keep saying ‘no,’ and that’s her least favorite word in the English language. I’ve put her off as long as I can, but after this weekend her patience is gone.

If you plan on sticking around here, you’d better think about my offer.

All Romance eBooksBarnes & Noble (processing, should be live sometime tomorrow)
Google Play Store

Unfortunately it looks like the series is dead on Kobo and iTunes. Sorry about that, but feel free to complain to their customer service reps.

Look for part 7 in a couple of weeks, and I’ll have the series wrapped up in March.



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