My Wildest Fantasy 7 is now available


Olivia knew about me and Callie, and she was prepared to destroy Callie’s future if I didn’t break it off. What choice did I have? Callie still had her whole life ahead of her, and I wasn’t selfish enough to stand in the way—not with twenty-six million dollars at stake. I’d have to let her go, no matter how badly I wanted to keep her.

I just had to do it fast, before my resolve crumbled.

But Callie isn’t going to make it easy. She has her own plans, her own dreams. She wants me to be a part of them. But I’ve already had my youth, already lived that part of my life. To her it was all new and exciting, stretching out before her like an endless horizon. Would I ruin it for her by making her grow up too fast?

I’d already taken her innocence. I didn’t want to be guilty of taking her youth, dreams, and future as well.


Google Play Store

It’s still processing on the other sites, but should be available sometime within the next couple of days.

We’re almost there! Just one more installment to go.


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