My Wildest Fantasy 8 now available


Will Blake and Callie find their Happily Ever After?

Everything was falling apart. Callie had run away to hide and refused to answer my calls. Her parents had cut her off. Olivia was selling the beach house. Our lives had turned into one giant disaster.

Even if I wasn’t right for her, I knew damned good and well that she was right for me

What can I do? She won’t talk to me. She won’t see me. But then I find a note in her handwriting. She wants me to meet her at a restaurant in a couple of hours. Am I forgiven after all? Or is it all a trick?

I couldn’t afford to screw this up. She might not give me another chance.

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Hope you all enjoy the conclusion to Callie and Blake’s story!


One thought on “My Wildest Fantasy 8 now available

  1. I’m from Australia and recently left my cheating WIFE,your books are totally awesome and saved me goin insane be along time before I trust again but WITH your books whose in a hurry……keep up the great work. TJ


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