So What’s Next?

I’ve been thinking about where I want to go with things now that My Wildest Fantasy is done.  From the response to that series, I think you guys enjoyed the longer format where there was more story and you had more time to get to know the characters better. I did some basic plotting on a couple of ideas I’ve had floating around for a while to see if they’d fit the same serial layout, and in the process I realized that I wasn’t quite done with the world of MWF yet. There was another character in there who deserved a story of her own.

Now that Blake and Callie have their happy ending, it’s time to find out what happened to Sylvie.

The story will take place the summer before Sylvie and Callie are about to start their junior year of college. It will follow the same serial installment format as before, but this time I’m going to write it in dual first person POV so we can get both sides. At the time I started MWF I had reasons for wanting to just tell it from Blake’s standpoint, but in hindsight I think it might have been better if we’d gotten to see things from Callie’s side, too. Hopefully you’ll all enjoy it better this way. Or at least I hope you won’t hate it *too* much.  🙂

So, stick around for more news on this latest match made in Heaven – Sylvie and Colin.


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