Relentless – A Student Teacher Romance Cover Reveal

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and the one for the novelized version


Seth Garrett didn’t look like a teacher. His short, medium-brown hair was mussed as though he ran his fingers through it—probably from frustration with me. Deep set, green-gray eyes regarded the world with weary cynicism from a face that was too hard, too angled, to be classically handsome. Ever since I’d moved into his class in January I’d spent hours memorizing the stark lines and planes of that face, until I could see it perfectly in my mind. There wasn’t a girl at school who hadn’t sighed over him, and fantasized about him at least a little.

But I was the one who was going to get him.

I wasn’t supposed to want her. I didn’t want to want her. I was her teacher, she was my student, and the whole situation was a disaster in the making. I should have gone to someone for help. I should have had her transferred to another class. I should have kept my temper and libido firmly in check when she was in the room. But I didn’t do any of those things. Maybe it was because forbidden fruit really is the sweetest, or maybe it was just because I wasn’t done self-destructing yet. Either way, I did nothing to stop it.

And then it was too late.


2 thoughts on “Relentless – A Student Teacher Romance Cover Reveal

  1. would love to find out if you’ve ever finished the last two books of the Preacher’s Daughters; or if you’re going to finish them.


    1. I never did finish them, Quillia. Unfortunately the various distributors have gotten increasingly hostile to erotica over the last couple of years. Barnes and Noble actually shut down my account about a month ago, along with several thousand other accounts belonging to people who had published erotica and steamy romance. The other distributors are severely limiting what they’ll allow us to publish and blocking older titles, which makes it very difficult to make money writing erotica, especially short stories. I’ve pretty much given up on publishing any new erotica at this point. It just isn’t worth the effort and headaches for the money it brings in. I’m still on the fence about whether or not to finish the Relentless series.


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