FYI – Housekeeping

I’m doing some cleanup on my catalog. Lots of updated covers for older series to make it more clear that they are part of a series. I’ve also moved several titles that are fantasy/paranormal into a separate pen name – Ember Frost – to make things easier on all of us since they don’t really fit well with my main catalog. This includes:

Cinderella: The Wicked Truth
Claiming Princess Kailen
Sidonie’s Tale
Richelle’s Tale
Captive of the Beast Men
Prey of the Beast Men

I’m considering moving the Professor Feversham series under that pen name as well, but haven’t made up my mind yet. I’ve changed the pricing on the Babysitter Diaries stories to 99 cents and the bundle to $2.99. Depending on how it works at that price, it may be a permanent thing.

Speaking of price, I know a lot of people complain about spending $2.99 on short erotica. There’s a reason it commands a premium. The distributors – Amazon, B&N, Google, iTunes, Kobo – do not like erotica. It makes a lot of money for them, but they don’t like it and they hammer the people who publish it every chance they get. Having erotica titles in your catalog means that you are at risk every single day of having titles blocked or your account shut down.

At least once a month someone decides to arbitrarily change their nonexistent content guidelines and block stories. In August B&N shut down my publishing account which I’d had with them since 2011. Why? Because they didn’t like the titles on some of my books. Anything with babysitter or virgin in them was declared to be in violation without any warning. So my account got shut down because of the titles of some books which I’d had published with them since 2011 and 2012. Mind you, it wasn’t the *content* of the stories which was a problem – it was just the *titles*. I’ve since republished 95% of my books on B&N through an aggregator service by changing those offending titles, but it has cost me I don’t even want to think about how many thousands of dollars in lost sales over the last six months. Plus now I have to keep up with separate copies of covers/books for B&N because the titles are now different than for everyone else.

And this sort of thing happens constantly.  I’ve got something like 20-30 blocked books on Amazon because someone arbitrarily decided that something in the title or text violated their “about what you’d expect” imaginary content guidelines. There are 37 blocked on Kobo. I gave up keeping track on iTunes. And every time this happens it has an impact on my sales and income. When iTunes blocked Taking Kelsey, the first (free) story in the Preacher’s Virgin Daughters series, it cut my income on their site by about a third. They left all the other books in the series, but without the first book sales on the rest tanked and dropped to almost nothing.

That risk is why erotica stories cost more. People publishing Regency romance or post-apoc zombie stories don’t have to deal with these issues, and don’t risk their livelihoods every time they hit “Publish” on a new title.


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