New Release: Neurasthenia


Professor Feversham’s Academy of Young Women’s Correctional Education #5

I assure you that your daughter is in the best of hands, my lord.”

Pauline Durant’s neurasthenia has stolen her life for the last two years, and the greatest doctors in Europe have been unable to cure her. Professor Feversham is her father’s last hope for returning her to normalcy. But hers is the most challenging case he has yet seen, and his initial efforts seem fruitless.

It must be a matter of stimulation. She must have more to break down her barriers and get through to her, allowing her release.”

Will the Professor’s latest invention—the violet ray device—provide the extra stimulation Pauline requires? Will it cure her dreadful neurasthenia and finally grant her the release she so desperately needs?

Available on:

It should be out on B&N soon, but they’re taking their sweet time. Please leave a review if you would, and look for Feversham #6, Submission, coming soon.



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