New Release: Spring Break with My Dad’s Best Friend


He had been the prime star of most of my adolescent fantasies, largely because he was completely inaccessible.

Just when I thought my spring break was going to fizzle out, I ran into Jude at the hotel. And I mean literally ran smack into him as I was coming out of the elevator. His body fit mine like he was made for me, and being in his arms felt like Heaven – for about two seconds until he realized who I was.

He was my dad’s best friend, twice my age, and so far out of my league he probably couldn’t even see my league from where he was.

But I can’t get him out of my head. Even when I’m out partying with my friends, he’s all I can think about. I just know he’s the guy I’ve been waiting for, the one I want to be my first. Of course the whole idea is crazy. Jude would never in a million years go for me.

But what if he did?

This is a longer book – 120 pages in print (paperback should be available in the next couple of days).

Available on Amazon and Kindle Unlimited



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