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My Wildest Fantasy

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Professor Feversham’s Academy of Young Women’s Correctional Education

The founder of Feversham’s Academy of Young Women’s Correctional Education has a reputation for reforming troubled young women of the lower classes, and his treatments for praefocatio matricis—female hysteria—are renowned in scientific circles.

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Punishing the Brats Next Door

Ever since they had moved in at the beginning of the summer, the trio of college girls had been a perpetual pain…

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Stepbrother Romances

Because forbidden fruit really is the sweetest…

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Friends to Lovers Erotic Romance

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May December Erotic Romance

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The Preacher’s Virgin Daughters

Holden Trimble is the fire-and-brimstone preacher of Briarwood Hollow with little tolerance for sin – especially sex. Follow the adventures of his six virgin daughters as they risk eternal damnation and their daddy’s wrath while they struggle against the biggest temptations in Briarwood Hollow.

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Punishing Polly

Polly just wants to graduate from college, but somehow she’s always getting into some sort of trouble with her boss or her neighbors, and whenever that happens the only way out of her predicament is to let them do whatever they want to her.

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The Babysitter Diaries

I’ve always had a thing for older guys – usually much older guys. They’re like my kryptonite or something – sexy older guy walks by and my knees get weak and good sense goes right out the window.

Nineteen-year-old Jenna babysits because the money is great and the hours don’t interfere with her classes. It also lets her spend a lot of time around hot, older guys who know exactly how to satisfy a girl.

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Princesses Enslaved

When King Jeoffroi leads his army to war, he leaves his three daughters – Sidonie, Richelle, and Lisette – behind in the safety of his kingdom’s strongest city under the care of his most trusted lieutenant. But strong walls and brave defenders are no match for treachery, and when a traitor lets the enemy inside the walls the city is sacked and the three princesses become spoils of war.

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The Beast Men

The old ones of Wren’s tribe have long told stories of the beast men – terrible creatures that walk upright like men but with the faces and souls of fearsome animals. But when a drought forces her tribe to flee from their forest home Wren discovers that the legends are not just stories told around the campfires to frighten children – the beast men are terrifyingly real, and Wren and her best friend are captured and carried off.

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Miscellaneous Titles