Relentless – A Student Teacher Romance Cover Reveal

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and the one for the novelized version


Seth Garrett didn’t look like a teacher. His short, medium-brown hair was mussed as though he ran his fingers through it—probably from frustration with me. Deep set, green-gray eyes regarded the world with weary cynicism from a face that was too hard, too angled, to be classically handsome. Ever since I’d moved into his class in January I’d spent hours memorizing the stark lines and planes of that face, until I could see it perfectly in my mind. There wasn’t a girl at school who hadn’t sighed over him, and fantasized about him at least a little.

But I was the one who was going to get him.

I wasn’t supposed to want her. I didn’t want to want her. I was her teacher, she was my student, and the whole situation was a disaster in the making. I should have gone to someone for help. I should have had her transferred to another class. I should have kept my temper and libido firmly in check when she was in the room. But I didn’t do any of those things. Maybe it was because forbidden fruit really is the sweetest, or maybe it was just because I wasn’t done self-destructing yet. Either way, I did nothing to stop it.

And then it was too late.


Obsessed: A New Adult Romance Released on Amazon


This is the novelized version of the four installments of the Obsessed serial. While we were working on the paperback version we went ahead and updated this cover with the same sexier new look and reformatted the manuscript with chapters instead of just using the four installment layout. It’s 326 pages long (approximately 80,000 words), so it’s a full-length novel and then some.

It’s currently only available on Amazon because installment #3 is still stuck in Kindle Unlimited, but it will be going up on the other stores in about a week.

Obsessed 4


Edit: It is now live on Amazon.

It’s publishing on Amazon now. I was hoping to release it under better circumstances, but that just isn’t happening. I’m sorry it has been delayed for so long, but there were reasons for it.

Amazon has essentially broken Kindle Unlimited. The way that the system works, Amazon pays us for each page of our books that you actually read – about 1/2 cent per page. So if you read the first chapter and hate it and return it, we only get paid for that one chapter. At least that’s how it’s supposed to work. Unfortunately Amazon cannot actually tell which pages you’ve read, even though that’s what determines how much we get paid for the books you borrow. What they go by is the last page you navigated to – the same data they use so that if you read a book on your Kindle and then pull it up on your phone in the Kindle app it opens to the same place on both devices. Anyway, the problem with that is that if you read to the end and then go back to the cover, I get credited with ZERO pages read. Or say you turn back to an earlier scene to re-read it or highlight it because you liked it, the system will show that you only read the book to that point.

Then Amazon introduced the page flip feature, which by design does not record any pages read because Amazon says that no one reads in page flip mode. Except there are about a zillion blog posts and Youtube videos showing people doing exactly that.

These things have combined to cut a lot of peoples’ page reads down to nothing, even though their books are being read. I know authors who were making five figures a month from their books in Kindle Unlimited who are now making literally pennies a day. These are people who normally get millions of page reads in a month, who are now getting a few thousand. Amazon of course swears that there is no problem and everything is working exactly the way it’s supposed to.

This is what I was looking at when I finished Obsessed 4. Lots of writers I know were reporting that they weren’t being credited for 90% of the borrows they were getting through Kindle Unlimited. Basically I’d be giving the book away if I put it into Kindle Unlimited. But with the other books in Kindle Unlimited it didn’t make any sense to publish it outside of KU. I contacted Amazon and attempted to get my books released from the program, but they wouldn’t do it, which left me stuck.

So I waited until the first two installments were out of Kindle Unlimited, and now I’m publishing part 4. I would have liked to wait for all 3 to come out, but it’s stuck in the program until the end of November. As a result of all of this nonsense I am not putting part 4 into Kindle Unlimited. I am done with that program until Amazon fixes it. There are quite a few other serious problems with it, like all of the scam books, that Amazon is going to have to address if they don’t want more authors dropping out of the program. Right now a lot of us are pulling everything we have out of KU and have no intention of going back into it.

Anyway, TL;DR version is that Obsessed 4 is publishing now on Amazon and should be available sometime tonight or early tomorrow. I’ll post the link here and send out a newsletter when it goes live. I will publish it to the other sales channels as soon as #3 comes out of Kindle Unlimited on November 25th.

Happy Halloween!



Obsessed 3 Now Available


It didn’t hurt anymore.

By the time Thanksgiving rolled around, I had moved past my obsession with Colin. That’s all it had ever been, of course. It wasn’t like we’d known each other long enough or well enough to really fall in love or anything. There was no denying that we had some chemistry and the sex was out of this world, but in the end Colin was really nothing but the rebound guy. I’d done the right thing by leaving—I knew I had. Right up until the moment I saw him when I went out to dinner with my family.

Our eyes met, and every lie I’d told myself over the last four months stood revealed as the self-deceiving nonsense that it was.

Was she right to leave? Did it even matter? She believed it enough to walk away, and her mind was made up—that much was obvious from her letter. While I’d talked her down once, I didn’t think it was going to happen this time. Hell, I knew she was right. I could see it from the other side, too. I’d just been so selfish from wanting her so badly that I’d ignored it.

None of that was going to stop me from getting her back, though, and if she had found someone else I was going to take her away from him.

This is part three of a four part serial with cliffhanger endings. If you don’t like serials or cliffhanger endings, you probably ought to avoid the “Buy now…” button. If you would prefer to get the whole thing at once, all four parts will be released in a combined edition when the series is complete.

Get it now on Amazon/Kindle Unlimited

The final installment will be released in September…

Obsessed 2 is now available


How had I let myself get so deep so quickly that it could hurt this much?

I couldn’t have a real relationship with Patrick’s father, and if I tried for the few weeks I had left, I’d just end up falling all the way and get my heart broken. I didn’t want to hurt that way, and I was already terrified that if I let myself fall a little for Colin, I’d fall all the way. It wasn’t worth it. Was it?

But what would it be like to truly feel something for the man I was with?

I’d been nice. She was young and still innocent, and I’d done my level best not to push too hard too fast. I’d been patient. Again and again I’d let her back down, even when I saw the need which was consuming me mirrored in those incredible golden eyes. But when she came to my house and begged me, well, how much can a man take? I’d warned her.

Now I was going to make her mine, just as I’d promised.

Amazon / Kindle Unlimited

21,000 words (approximately 84 pages). The next installment will be out in the second half of August.

Trigger warning: If you don’t like serials written in installments with cliffhanger endings and explicit sex, go find your safe space. Or you can just wait until I’ve finished all four parts and I publish them all as a single book in a couple of months.

Obsessed revisions are up


So the new edition is about 75% longer (16,000 words versus 9,000) , and the original text has been revised a bit. I did a cover change to indicate that this is a steamy romance rather than erotica as well. I really liked the old covers, but they just don’t fit the story as I’m writing it. There will be three more installments at this length, and that’s all. There’s still steamy sex, but I’ve shifted the focus from the sex to the development of the relationship between Sylvie and Colin.  For those readers who want the whole thing at once, when I complete the series I’ll do a bundled edition and a paperback since it will be novel length (over 60,000 words, somewhere around 200 pages).

If this goes well, I’ll follow it up with a four part student/teacher romance I’ve been working on.