Punishing the Brats Next Door

Punishing the Brats Next Door

The bullshit had gotten completely out of hand.

Sean and Vick have had it. Ever since the trio of sorority girls moved in at the beginning of the summer, they’ve been a perpetual pain in the ass. Loud, drunken parties last until dawn, somehow their trash always ends up in Sean and Vicki’s yard, and music blares out of the house at all hours even when none of the girls are at home.

When Sean and Vicki wake up to a yard and pool full of bottles and broken glass, they finally hit their fuck it limit. It’s time to put a stop to the girls’ crap once and for all, and Vicki knows just how to do it. She has a brilliant plan to get even while teaching the girls a lesson they’ll never forget – and she’s going to immortalize the whole thing on video.

This edition contains all three installments of Punishing the Brats Next Door and is approximately 120 pages long.

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